Growth Hacking.

Every sale has five basic obstacles:

"No need, no money,

no hurry, no desire,

no trust."

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Our main focus is to build and optimize e-commerce sales. We effectively maximize e-commerce sales by mixing performance marketing tools with the most advanced technology available. We have made large expensive marketing and sales engines accessible for start ups. Our success is based on your sales.

With our exclusive partnerships to optimize product content, SEO, retargeting, social marketing, web development and e-commerce, smaller businesses can now grow beyond imagination. In the past, large engines to boost sales were only affordable by large corporations. Not anymore. We are changing the rules to compete.



By offering a partnership on e-commerce, companies can now focus on their product and brand. Our marketing and operational services are a investment in brands we believe in. Based on your IP, we will develop all marketing assets and execute all related operations in-house.





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We have thrown out the playbook of traditional ops and marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and traceable.  We are creators, operators, and mechanics. We are a new generation of growth hackers. Within an e-commerce partnership, Mekenix manages all e-commerce, creative, marketing, and operational efforts. With our involvement, companies can focus on their product and business development, while we focus on growing sales.

Our team consists of industry specialists that leverage their experience to support businesses in e-commerce, creative, marketing, and management through a strong e-commerce partnership. All of our services are complimentary to our partners.